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Montag, 20. August 2012, 16:23

APB Reloaded Movie / Poster Contest (1)

W1llow - July 18th - 07:38

YES, I added an extra 200 G1 Credits to all the prizes for the winners!

I really hope everyone enjoyed this contest. The random raffle will be done sometime tomorrow for all who participated, so keep checking back to see who wins the 1,600 G1 Credit prize.

Thanks again to all who donated towards the prizes for this contest, you all really helped make this contest successful.

And so, without further adieu...

Sluttles's Cinematic Trailer

(The editor wont allow me to post the other two winners' videos, so here are links instead)
Click for Rapid99's Recruitment Commercial!!!
Click for Dagg's District Showcase!!!

W1llow, on 18 July 2012 - 06:38 AM, said: APB Reloaded Movie/Poster Contest
Create a movie or poster for APB Reloaded!
Contest prize pot is currently at 19,600 G1C! ($245 worth of credits!)

Movie: This can be pretty much anything. It can be in-game action footage, funny clips you've accumulated, a trailer advertising the game, or even a full-on movie. This is open to comedy, drama, action....anything!
The point is to advertise how awesome APB Reloaded really is.
Edit: I just want to throw in there that I am not looking for frag montages....I am looking for things like MOVIE TRAILERS or TV COMMERCIALS. So if you are just going to submit a bunch of clips of you killing people, it probably wont win.

Poster: This can also be in any medium. It can be a collage of screenshots, photoshop, hand-drawn, etc.
Make a super awesome poster/advertisement that would make any person who sees it immediately want to play the game.
YES, it can be a poster advertising "APB: The Movie" as well.

Random Raffle: Everyone who submits and entry will have their name put into a random raffle for a chance to win!

Prizes for Movie
1st - 5000 G1 Credits
2nd - 3000 G1 Credits
3rd - 1000 G1 Credits

Prizes for Poster
1st - 5000 G1 Credits
2nd - 3000 G1 Credits
3rd - 1000 G1 Credits

Prize for Random Raffle
1600 G1 Credits


Entries must be APB related.

All entries must comply with copyright laws. In game footage and content is permissible, however artistic entries must be your own creation, no spin-offs or copies of someone elses content.

You can submit as many entries as you want...but your name will only be put into the raffle once.

You can submit entries for both categories, but you will only be eligible to win one.

If your entry is offensive in any way, ei: politics/religion/real life people/G1 Admin or Mods, it will be disqualified.

Moderators and admins may disqualify / delete / close entries which violate the general Gamersfirst forum rules.

Keep it PG-13

Include your APB Character Name, Server, and Forum Name.


I will be judging this contest. If you want to win, keep the following components in mind:

1. Overall Design/Concept
2. Creativity
3. Originality
4. Effort
5. Relevance
6. Helps to advertise APB Reloaded to the masses


This Contest is community sponsored. If you would like to donate towards this contest's prizes, please PM me here on the forums.
Thanks so much to all of the following who donated! It's people like you who make our community awesome.

Otonashi Saya

*This contest will run from now until midnight of August 19th! (Ends 8/19/12 @ 11:59 PM PSD)*

This thread is for SUBMISSIONS ONLY
If you would like to critique or leave comments, here is the discussion thread.

This post has been edited by W1llow: Today, 10:56 AM

Jotunblut - August 20th - 16:23

Locked on request of W1llow

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